Quick Help Guide for NEW Sponsors - an at-a-glance help document for sponsors who are new to FAMAT.
Test Standards List of level-appropriate topics (revised 2019)
Common Disputes - a brief compendium of some common issues arising in disputes and their standard resolution. This list is not comprehensive. (updated 1/14/2013)
W-9 (for test writers) Updated 2021
FAMATCGRAPH The complete and definitive rules and regulations for FAMAT (UPDATED FOR 2022)
Nationals 2021 Results
Newest Scoring Program - Updated January 2022
Team Scoresheet - revised 4/17/11
Chi Alpha Mu Petition
Calculus Standards Updated 2019
Sponsor's Guide 2021-2022 Updated 10-26-2021
New Bubble Answer Sheet
State 2022 Convention Information
Scoring Timers