To log in:  Your default login name and password are your 4-digit FAMAT ID.

Please change your password as soon as you log in the first time!


If you cannot log in, then please email for assistance.  Include your FAMAT ID and your school name in the email.

If you do not have a FAMAT ID, then please read the New Sponsor's guide on the Downloads page for instructions on obtaining one.

Your list of students and IDs is provided on the Enrollment Home page (the page you see when you log in.)   All your students from last year are there by default.

Click the blue "Make Enrollment Changes" button to change the enrollment list.

To delete a student, "Mark the student for deletion."  The student's row will turn red.  The deletion will occur once you confirm your changes.

To confirm all your changes, click "confirm changes."  You MUST click "confirm changes!"  Please note that you do not have to make all your changes at once.  You can make a few changes, check to see how things are going, do a few more, etc.   You should have all your changes finalized at least TWO FULL DAYS before the first competition.

After you confirm your changes, verify that your numbers and levels are accurate.   If you highlight the final enrollment table, you can copy it and paste it into Excel.


If you have problems with this site, or cannot get something to work, please email  for support.